How to add any Blink smart devices to Apple HomeKit

How to add any Blink smart devices to Apple HomeKit

Blink smart devices are famous among smart home enthusiasts as they are affordable and easy to use. Blink mainly focuses on using the smart device concept for home security.

And now another question pops out: Does Blink work with HomeKit?

Well, the answer is yes. Blink does work with HomeKit. But not natively.

But don’t worry! If you want to control your Blink devices with Apple Home App and Siri, there are methods that you can use to add Blink to HomeKit. So, let’s figure out how to connect Blink with HomeKit.


  • Blink devices do not natively support Apple HomeKit.
  • Users are expecting to get a smooth experience with Blink HomeKit integration.
  • Many software and hardware hubs can be used to connect where Blink works with HomeKit.

Now you know that there is no direct linkage between Blink-HomeKit. But there are ways that these two could still play it smoothly together. The only concern is that you must be a geek to find the best solution. So here are some of our best suggestions for you.

You can use Enomek, a software application that helps you with guidelines to add smart home devices to Apple HomeKit.


Enomek is a fantastic app that helps to add any smart home device to Apple HomeKit.  It is the best-recommended solution that we can guarantee.

This is mainly a web-based application. It supports so many brands including Sonos, Eufy, IKEA, Alexa, Ring etc.

Step guide for Enomek App Installation


AddToHomeKit is an affordable software solution to add your Blink Smart Devices to Apple HomeKit. Not only Blink Smart Devices, you can add any smart devices to Apple HomeKit.


HOOBS is a bridge that helps you to connect all smart home devices to HomeKit. It is a hardware hub that you can use with Enomek to do the Blink HomeKit integration.




Homebridge is the software method that you can use to connect any device to Apple HomeKit. This is the cheapest available method so far. The only concern is that you need to have the computer every time you add and access the smart home devices via HomeKit.


You can do Blink-HomeKit integrations by using Samsung’s SmartThings as well. The app lets you manage every smart device in one place.

You can add any smart home device to Apple HomeKit using Enomek. After downloading and installing Enomek on your device, follow the steps:

  1. Open the Enomek app.
  2. Scroll down and find the brand of your smart home device.
  3. Tap on the ‘Add to home’ button displayed next to the brand name.
  4. Now it will show what methods are available to add devices to HomeKit. You can choose any method that you like.
  5. It will show the available hardware and software methods that you can choose from.

Once you get your HOOBS hub, you can follow these steps:

  1. Plug in the HOOBS to the internet with an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.
  2. Launch the HOOBS UI through a browser from any device by typing ‘hoobs.local’.
  3. To set up the HOOBS with HomeKit, go to the ‘Add Accessory’ section.
  4. Then, scan or input the HomeKit code.
  5. You will now find it under ‘bridges’.
  6. When you click it, it shows everything that you need to know and do to connect Blink-HomeKit.

HOOBS is a tiny box that comes with thousands of plugins that can be used. It takes only a few clicks to connect any device of Blink with HomeKit. You can do integrations like,

Blink video doorbell HomeKit

Blink camera HomeKit

Blink mini HomeKit

Blink xt2 HomeKit

Blink Homekit Secure Video

Blink HomeKit Lights

And more!

It’s simply a user-friendly hub that can be recommended for any user.

You can use Blink Homebridge through Enomek as well. Follow the steps here to continue once you have the Enomek application,

  1. Select the OS of your computer from the Enomek app.
  2. Enomek will find an appropriate HomeBridge plugin for the Blink device.
  3. Now follow the steps shown in the app to complete Homebridge installation and plugin installation.
  4. Configure the plugin as per the instructions from Enomek.
  5. Now you can open the Apple HomeKit and do any Blink HomeKit integration.

There are so many Blink HomeKit compatible devices you can buy. Using Blink HomeKit Homebridge will be as easy as that!

You can create Blink HomeKit integration with SmartThings solution. Here are the steps that you can follow,

  1. Download the ‘SmartThings’ app and install it on your device.
  2. Open the app and create an account by following the instructions provided.
  3. Install IFTTT on your device as well.
  4. Launch IFTTT and create an account.
  5. Click on the ‘Explore’ option and search for SmartThings. Tap on it when it appears.
  6. You will see an option that says ‘connect’. Click on it and sign into the SmartThings account.
  7. After connecting, search for the Blink device that you want to connect with HomeKit and pair it with the SmartThings app.
  8. Again, go to Explore and search for ‘HomeKit’. Pair it up with the Blink device via the SmartThings hub.

And there you go! You have now linked your Blink with HomeKit through SmartThings. Easy right?

If you are looking for another great home security smart devices brand, ADT devices are also recommended.

Blink has great home security devices that can be used with HomeKit with the help of hubs. You just must play it smartly and do some workarounds to get these two connected. Just keep in mind that everything has drawbacks and limitations as well. But with a little effort, you can still use it!

1 How to connect a Blink camera to WiFi?

You need to install the Blink app on your smart device and make sure it is connected to WiFi. Now open the Blink app and click on ‘+’ icon. Select add device and follow the instructions.

2 Do I have to get a monthly subscription to use Blink devices?

There are subscription plans for Blink. But you don’t need to buy it if you don’t need standard features.

3 How far can Blink devices work from a router?

It should be able to work from over 100m distance from each other. Keep them close for optimal performance.

4 Will Blink work with HomeKit?

Blink doesn’t directly work with HomeKit. But there are certain ways that allow integration of Blink with HomeKit. With the help of applications like Enomek, and hubs like HOOBS and HomeBridge, these two will go together like PB and J!