Adding Roomba devices to Apple HomeKit [Top Ways]

You can control Roomba devices with Apple HomeKit using simple solutions. You can have an amazing experience with Roomba HomeKit integration. Here we have provided several methods on how to easily add your Roomba devices to Apple HomeKit.

How to add Roomba devices to Apple HomeKit

If you’re in Smart Home DIY and obviously love the Apple HomeKit ecosystem, you’ll need to control your smart home device with Apple Home App or Siri voice control. You've probably noticed that robots are taking over the world, making our lives easier or more efficient with each advancement. The ability to control iRobot Roomba through voice command was another breakthrough in technology. Yeah! New iRobot update brings Siri support to Roomba vacuums. But, iRobot Roomba is one obvious category HomeKit should support. We’ll guide you on how to add Roomba devices to Apple HomeKit.

What can you do with Roomba-HomeKit integration?

01. Control your Roomba from anywhere using your iPhone or your Siri voice control

  • Roomba start on demand
  • Roomba stop and dock on demand
  • Roomba charging status
  • Roomba battery level (with low battery warning)
  • Roomba docked notification
  • Roomba running notification
  • Roomba bin full notification
  • Find Roomba

02. Add a HomeKit scene that starts your Roomba at a specific time

03. Add automation that triggers your Roomba when the last person leaves the house

04. Can use third-party apps to enhance functionality

05. Can install the HomePlus 4 app if you want to see that low battery status in your HomeKit app

06. Siri integration is handled via the iRobot Home App

Roomba and HomeKit compatibility

When talking about the iRobot Roomba HomeKit support, Roombas doesn’t work with Apple HomeKit by default, but you can expose Roombas to HomeKit using a simple app solution and device solutions like Homebridge.

Check Roomba devices compatibility with other ecosystems

You can easily check compatibility with other ecosystems before buying your Roomba smart devices or any smart home devices. If you want to check the compatibility of your smart home devices with your favorite ecosystem (Apple HomeKit, Alexa, or Google Assistant), you can download Canda - Smart Home Device Compatibility Checker.

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iRobot update brings Siri support to Roomba vacuums

Although the iRobot line of smart vacuums doesn't support Apple HomeKit, there is a way to control your iRobot Roomba with Siri. Users can clean specific rooms using Siri voice commands and shortcuts with the new iRobot update. It is the most requested feature from iRobot users. Using this iRobot Genius 4.0 Home intelligence update, you can now control Roomba vacuums as well as Brava mops. iRobot Roomba Siri integration is handled through iRobot Home App. You can simply say “Hey Siri, clean my room”. Also, you can use Roomba Siri Shortcuts for custom control.

With iRobot Roomba Siri Shortcuts, you can have the ability to automate your Roomba using HomeKit triggers. But, Roomba isn’t compatible with Apple HomeKit yet. But, don’t worry! You’re going to have a blast with Siri.

It allows iOS users to connect their Roombas to Apple’s voice Assistant. Also, you can create customizable smart maps for your Roombas vacuums and enable you to send your Robot to clean specific rooms through your preferred voice assistant. Yes! Now Roomba HomeKit integration is easy as we think.

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How to control your Roomba with Siri

Controlling your Roomba smart vacuum is simple as the iRobot app natively supports iOS shortcuts. Here are some quick tips for using Siri to operate your Roomba:

01) Download the iRobot app from your iPhone

2) Then, open the Apple Shortcut app

3) Click on the plus button

4) On the search bar, type iRobot

5) Now, you’ll see commands like Clean everywhere, Send robot home, and more. You can also create custom shortcuts

6) Pick one shortcut for the first time

7) Tap robot in blue color > pick specific smart vacuum > tap the tiny arrow > set the cleaning mode

8) If you want to rename it, tap on the name and pick rename.

9) Tap Done to build this and save it

Ways to add Roomba to Apple HomeKit

You’ll be amazed to know the best ways to add Roomba to HomeKit. So that, you can control your Roomba with Apple Home App from anywhere and create automation easily.  There’re two main solutions for that. Let’s see what they are.  

  1. App method
  2. Device method

App method / Software based solution

Enomek - HomeKit Enabler

Most people want to add their smart home devices to Apple HomeKit to control their smart devices using Apple Home App and Siri voice assistant. Enomek is able to add any smart home device to Apple HomeKit.


Homebridge is a lightweight JS server that emulates the iOS HomeKit API. If you have smart home devices that don’t support HomeKit, you can use Homebridge to integrate your devices with HomeKit. If you have enough coding experience, you can download hombridge yourself, check out how to add Roombas to Apple HomeKit using Homebridge.

2. Device Methods / Hardware based solution

If you want to add your Roomba devices to Homekit using simple device solutions, there’re few simple device solutions to add your Roomba to HomeKit. Let’s see what they are.

HOOBS solution

This HOOBS is a better solution whose focus is on hardware out-of-the-box solutions. This is the best alternative to Homebridge which makes smart devices compatible with Apple HomeKit. Also, it connects over 2000 accessories. You can save time as it is a Homebridge pre-installed device.

Get your HOOBS Box today for $255.88

Our recommended solution is a HOOBS hub to make your Roombas HomeKit compatible. If you lack technical knowledge, then Homebridge Hub is for you. Other benefits of using HOOBS are:

  • Easy to use - Plug-and-play solution
  • Modular - More than 5000 different plugins and devices to select
  • Secure - It runs locally
  • Large community - More than 500 000 users
  • No technical knowledge required

Overall, it would be a cheaper, easier, and more efficient way to get a HOOBS rather than setting up a Homebridge.

Raspberry Pi

The cheapest approach to connecting your Roomba devices to Apple HomeKit is a Raspberry Pi. It is a single-board, small size computer. Would you like to use a Raspberry Pi to integrate Roomba with HomeKit?

Get your Raspberry Pi today for $148.94

You must have some coding skills if you want to use this Raspberry Pi solution. So, if you want to add your iRobot to Apple HomeKit, we recommend you go with the Enomek solution.

We have provided three solutions to your problem, hoping that you can choose the most suitable one. We continue to learn how to use the Homebridge method to connect Roomba devices to Apple Homekit.

Step by Step guide to adding Roomba devices to Apple HomeKit using HomeBridge

Homebridge is an obvious software solution to integrate your Roomba with HomeKit. Let’s see how to set up a Roomba Homekit homebridge. All you need to have is a device to keep it running and install the necessary software.

  1. Install Homebridge on Mac/PC
  2. Install Ring Plugin
  3. Edit the configuration file
  4. Run the plugin
  5. Control devices on HomeKit
  6. Install Homebridge on Mac/PC

Find the detailed step-by-step guide to add Roomba to Apple HomeKit Using Homebridge.

Homebridge plugins for Roomba

Homebridge iRobot

You can control your Roomba within HomeKit using this homebridge iRobot plugin. You can get amazing features like room-by-room control on models, on/off control, bin full detection, battery percent/charging information, and auto-discovery of all devices on your account.

Homebridge Roomba Stv

Homebridge Roomba stv is a homebridge plugin for Roomba 900. You’ll have many features when installing this plugin such as Roomba start on demand, Roomba stop, and on-demand, Roomba charging status, and checking the Roomba battery level.

Homebridge Roomba

Using the homebridge irobot Roomba plugin, you can control your iRobot through Apple HomeKit. It is available only for the 800 and 900 series with V2.0 or higher.

Now you already know that how to add our Roomba devices using Homebridge, Let’s see how to set up iRobot HomeKit using HOOBS out of the box method.

Step by Step guide to adding Roomba devices to Apple HomeKit using HOOBS

You can use the HOOBS plug-and-play hub to expose your Roomba vacuum to Apple HomeKit. We’ll guide you through setting up Roomba Apple HomeKit. Then you can control any Roomba device directly from your Apple Home app on your iPhone or Siri voice control.

  1. Connect HOOBS to your network

Step 01: First, you need to unbox your HOOBS in a box, then connect it to your network

Step 02: Next, power on your device. It takes a few seconds for the initial installation

Step 03: After that, you’ll be needed to open the Wi-Fi setting on your device (Phone or Laptop) and connect to the HOOBS network

Step 04: Once you connect to the HOOBS network, a popup window will appear. Select your WiFi name > Enter your password

Finally, HOOBS is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

2.  Open the HOOBS interface on your Browser

Step 01: Now, you need to open your browser and go to http://hoobs.local.(For the first-time user, the username and password will both be “admin”)

Step 02: If you want to change the username and password, you can change them later.

Ready to install the plugin for your Roomba now?

3. Install the Roomba Plugin for HOOBS

Step 01: Before installing the Roomba Plugin, you need to go on to hoobs.local from your browser

Step 02: Then, you’ll see the plugin tab on the left side of the screen, and click on that. Type “Roomba stv” in the search bar. (Roomba stv is a HOOBS-certified plugin)

Step 03: Click on the install button and it takes a few minutes to download the Roomba Apple Homekit Hoobs.

4. Obtain the IP address of the Roomba

Step 01: Before obtaining the IP address of the Roomba, go to your iRobot app. After that, navigate to the settings, Wi-Fi settings, and then Robot Wi-Fi details.

Step 02: Check whether the IP address number format is correct(192.168.XX.XX)

5. Configure the Roomba Stv Plugin

Step 01: Go to the HOOBS page and then click on the three dots. Next, you’ll see the terminal and click on that.

Step 02: Type the following command on the terminal

cd /home/hoobs/.hoobs/node_modules/dorita980 && npm install && node ./bin/get password.js "192.168.x.x"

(Note: Enter your IP address instead of 192.168.XX.XX)

Step 03: You may see some warning message and don’t press any key After it is finished running.

Step 04: Make sure your Roomba is powered on and on HomeBase.

Step 05: When the power is on, you can see a green light. (Press and hold the home button > When you hear a tone release it > Roomba will flash the Wi-Fi light)

Step 06: Once your Roomba flashes the Wi-Fi light, go to the HOOBS window. Then, click on any key.

Step 07: After that, you’ll see a message and section showing the BLID and Password.

Step 08: Go to the settings in your HOOBS window and then go to Roomba > click Add Accessory > Enter your Roomba name and then model number > Fill in the BLID, IP address, and password

Step 09: Next, you’ll need to enable these settings.

Auto-refresh - Yes

Keep-Alive - Yes

TTL cache - 30

Finally, your Roomba is set up with HOOBS. Now, you’re able to control Roomba from your Apple Home App and Siri voice control.

iRobot Home App

An updated iRobot Home app is available. It offers enhanced maps, the ability to clean certain items, personalized treatments, seasonal recommendations, and easy smart home integration. The iRobot Home app has been completely redesigned to give you complete control over your cleaning.


  • Customizable maps
  • Schedule your Robot to clean everywhere
  • Clean without lifting a finger (Compatible with Google Assistant, and Alexa-enabled devices)
  • Always getting smarter

Best Roomba Robot vacuums 2022

iRobot Roomba i3 EVO

If you want to get pet hair out of the rug or if you want to consistently and thoroughly clean large spaces, iRobot Roomba i3 EVO is best for you. This excellent cleaner delivers 10x powerlifting suction. Now, you can clean your room with smart mapping features.

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iRobot Roomba 675

You don't have to take out a second mortgage on your home to get a Roomba because it's a Roomba. One of the best cheap robot vacuums is the iRobot Roomba 675. It is Wi-Fi connected and controlled via the iRobot app, so like its more expensive siblings. Additionally, you can schedule cleanings from the app. And, you can set up virtual walls to prevent bots from going into inappropriate areas.

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iRobot Roomba 694

iRobot Roomba 694 is a bump-style robot vacuum which randomly wanders around your room and turns around when it hits something. However, Roomba 694 can be connected to an app, so you can use features like geofencing to have the robot wait until you leave the house before cleaning. It also means you can tell the robot to start cleaning with Alexa and Google Assistant. Also, you can set up Roomba 694 HomeKit using simple third party apps or devices.

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iRobot Roomba S9+

iRobot Roomba S9+ is One of the best robot vacuum cleaners overall. It is the entry-level D-shaped Roomba from iRobot. The Roomba S9 attempts to bring vacuuming down to a human level by adding more where it's needed and less where it's not. This smart vacuum is combined with a self-vacuum base on the S9+ model to reduce dust exposure. The Roomba s9+ only needs support when it's set to change the vacuum bag when it's full.

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iRobot Roomba j7+

iRobot Roomba J7+ is among the top robot vacuums to buy. It stands out for its promise of eliminating the pet waste that all robot vacuum owners dread so much. This is made possible by its obstacle avoidance technology, which after detecting an object can choose to move around it. It simply picks up new information with each run, which eventually helps it identify objects like wires and socks.

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iRobot Roomba i7+

The Roomba i7+ was the first robot vacuum to include iRobot's Clean Base, a self-emptying dust bin integrated into the charging base. To collect dust, it uses small, disposable vacuum bags. After about 30 points the bag needs to be replaced. It's an amazing vacuum for allergy sufferers and those who don't like handling dust.

iRobot Roomba i3+

The iRobot Roomba i3+ is the most affordable self-cleaning robot vacuum. The self-emptying base means you don't have to throw away its contents after each run. It delivers 10x power-lifting suction and navigates and maps your home in neat rows. Forget about vacuuming for months at a time with iRobot Roomba i3+.


You can have an amazing experience with Roomba HomeKit integration. Here we have provided several methods on how to easily add your Roomba devices to Apple HomeKit. Among them, HOOBS is our recommended solution for those with no coding experience. Also, Roomba brings Siri support with a new software update. So, you can control iRobot Roomba with Siri and shortcuts from anywhere.