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Top Picks from the editor

Top Smart device picks from the editor
  • Smart Hubs

    Before you buy a smart hub or smart controller, you have to be aware of the reviews and details of them. A best smart hub makes it easy for all the smart devices work with each other. Get updated with world class Apple HomeKit, Google Nest Mini and many other smart systems.

  • Smart Devices

    As we are in the smart era of the 2021, smart devices are latest smart home trend. Get updated with Smart speakers, Smart lighting, Smart kitchen appliances, Smart thermostats and Smart security appliances and many more.

  • Brands

    Smart Home devices and Smart Home hubs in a good brand is a concerned matter of all smart home lovers. Apple, Google, Wink, KNX, Ring, Tuya and many other brands are available for affordable prices. You may compare the features of these with Kodmy and decide the best Smart Home Brand for you.

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Check your smart home device compatibility with Google Assistant, Siri or with Alexa.

Canda by Kodmy is a smart device checker app that checks the compatibility of your smart home device with your smart home system. It mainly helps you to identify whether your smart home device is compatible with your smart home systems such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

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