3 Ways to Jailbreak iOS 14 without Computer [Online Methods]

As we all know iOS 14 Jailbreak has been achieved by several teams in the very first day of iOS 14 release. Apple released iOS 14 to the public and most of the new iPhones (iPhone 6S or later) are compatible with iOS 14. So the Jailbreaking came to the stage as two teams already …

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Why do you need Android Rooting?

Why do you need Android Rooting?

Android Rooting is one of the most loved stuff in Android lovers and you may already know what are the reasons to root your android device.

You may have battery issues or may want to have extreme customizations to your Android device.

If you do not have an idea why do you need android rooting, just check the following factors.

KingRoot Download and Rooting Guide

KingRoot Download and Rooting Guide

KingRoot is a software application that supports Android OS-based devices. KingRoot accelerates the performance of Android devices in various ways.

This supports Android devices between Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.1.

KingRoot is easy to download and easy to root.
Read for more details and full step guide of rooting.

Android Rooting Tools

Android Rooting Tools

Android rooting improves the performance of an Android device in many ways.

Two types of Android Rooting Tools have been introduced to avoid the data losses that could occur due to rooting.

Read for what are the Android Rooting Tools to Root your Android device.

Android Root Apps

Android Root Apps

Android is the most customizable mobile OS so far. Rooting is the factor that brings the new heights of customization.

Rooting can give access to many hidden features in your Android device. It is an experience that is beyond what you always expect. Android users love it insanely because they never knew the device was capable of certain activities and now it has started to surprise the user.

Read the article for more details.

Lucky patcher custom patches

Lucky Patcher Custom Patches

Lucky patcher custom patches allow you to patch APKs through lucky patcher custom patches. What does this patch means?

Patching means to put it in the simplest form custom patch is a simple code that enables an extra functionality to any app.

Let’s read how to do these custom patches

Lucky Patcher Games List 2020

Lucky Patcher Games List 2020

Lucky patcher is an attractive place to roam where many interesting things happen.

A must visit tool for all Android users who are in love with movies, games, and many other technologies.

This article is about some enticing games for all android users. Read all for more details and download links.