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Not every smart device is compatible with
Apple Home Kit, Apple Carplay, Google Home, Android Auto or Amazon Alexa.
Find Smart Home Devices and connect with your favorite
Smart Home Hub, Car or Smart Some App.

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Top Picks from the editor

Top Smart device picks from the editor
  • Smart Hubs

    Before you buy a smart hub or smart controller, you have to be aware of the reviews and details of them. A best smart hub makes it easy for all the smart devices work with each other. Get updated with world class Apple HomeKit, Google Nest Mini and many other smart systems.

  • Connected Cars

    You are one of the luckiest if your car can control your garage door by default. But do not worry if your car cannot. We have solutions to run non default apps on Apple Carplay and Android Auto to make home automations easy.

  • Smart Devices

    As we are in the smart era of the 2023, smart devices are latest smart home trend. Get updated with Smart speakers, Smart lighting, Smart kitchen appliances, Smart thermostats and Smart security appliances and many more.

Non Supported Devices / Apps to Apple Homekit and Carplay

Smart Home for a Smart Life

Buying and setting up a new samrt home equipment is easy but most vendors need a specific app to operate their smart home devices, Having 10 apps for managing 10 smart home devices is not SO SMART! We made Enomek to Add any Smart Home Device to Apple Homekit. Download Enomek to Add Any Smart Home Device to Apple HomeKit.

or Check out the ways of adding most common smart home devices to Apple HomeKit

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Connected Cars make living smarter

Want to continue the Netflix movie paused on Netflix in your car? Or Watch a Youtube video of your favorite receipie? Smart home to car connectivity is possible with one simple app. Wheelpal helps to add any app to Apple Carplay and Android Auto to enjoy seamless connectivity between Smart Home and Car.

Need to control your smart home using the car? Check the following articles.