4 ways to add Wyze Smart Home Devices to Apple HomeKit

4 ways to add Wyze Smart Home Devices to Apple HomeKit

Wyze Cameras are one of the best in the market While I was renovating my home, I decided to invest in the Wyze Cam V3 for my HomeKit ecosystem. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with native HomeKit compatibility. But that's okay because I had already found a way to make my Wyze stuff work with HomeKit, even though it wasn't officially supported.

Have you ever wondered how to control your Wyze devices using Apple Home App and Siri? Let’s find the possible ways to add smart home devices to Apple HomeKit.

Possible ways to add your Wyze devices to HomeKit

There are several types of Wyze smart home devices such as:

  • Wyze Cam
  • Wyze Cam Pan
  • Wyze Cam Floodlight
  • Wyze Video Doorbell Pro
  • Wyze Thermostat
  • Wyze Bulb Colour
  • Wyze Outdoor Smart Plugs

Don’t worry! All these Wyze products can be integrated into Apple HomeKit and control them using Apple Home App and Siri. So, let's find out how can you do this.

Add your devices to HomeKit using Enomek - Editors pick

Enomek is a web-based software application that helps you add your Wyze devices to Apple HomeKit. If you have any smart home devices, you can integrate them into Apple HomeKit with the Enomek solution.

Step guide for Enomek App Installation

Add your devices to HomeKit using Athom Bridge

Athom Bridge is a simple device-based solution. It is the best alternative to the HOOBS plug-and-play solution. You can add your Wyze devices to Apple HomeKit using this affordable solution.

Add your devices to HomeKit using Homebridge

Homebridge is a lightweight nodeJS server. If you’re a techy person, you can use this option to add your Wyze smart devices to Apple HomeKit. It acts as a bridge between HomeKit and non-HomeKit devices.

Add Wyze devices to HomeKit using HOOBS

HOOBS is Homebridge's out-of-the-box system that simplifies the process of adding any smart home devices to Apple HomeKit. It is simply a device-based solution.



Add any Wyze devices to HomeKit using the Homebridge solution

You can follow the below instructions to set up HomeKit with your Wyze devices using the Homebridge solution.

  1. Install Homebridge on Mac/PC
  2. Install Wyze plugin
  3. Edit the configuration file
  4. Run the plugin
  5. Control devices on HomeKit

Follow our step-by-step guide to integrate your Wyze devices to Apple HomeKit easily.

  1. Install Homebridge on Mac/PC
    1. Go to homebridge.io
    2. Download the Homebridge app if you do not already have it.
    3. Install Homebridge on your computer.
    4. Open the Homebridge program.
  2. Install WYze Plugin
    1. On the main menu, click the Plugins option.
    2. Search for the Wyze product you want to set up to use with HomeKit.
    3. Click the plugin installation from the search results.
    4. After a minute or so, the plugin should be installed.
  3. Edit the configuration file

    Configure the plugin for the device that you are setting up.

    "platforms": [
    "platform": "WyzeSmartHome",
    "name": "Wyze",
    "username": "YOUR_EMAIL",
    "password": "YOUR_PASSWORD",
    "keyId": "",
    "apiKey": "",
    "filterDeviceTypeList": ["OutdoorPlug","Plug"],
    "filterByMacAddressList": ["MAC_ADDRESS_1","MAC_ADDRESS_2"]}

    Click the restart Homebridge button on the top right-hand side of the screen. Wait for Homebridge to restart.

  4. Control devices on HomeKit

    You now should have your setup working with your selected device. You can now use Siri to control that device using commands like “Hey Siri, turn on the light” or “Hey Siri, show me the front door camera.”

    Wyze Homebridge setup is easy with the Enomek solution. This provides a step-by-step guide to add your Wyze to HomeKit. So, you don’t need to bother difficult setup process.

Apart from the Wyze devices, if you're interested in the Govee Smart Devices, you can find out How to add Govee devices to HomeKit.

Wyze Smart Devices and HomeKit support

When considering the Wyze HomeKit support, this devices can be integrated with the Apple HomeKit using a third-party solution like Enomek, Athom Bridge, and HOOBS.

  • Wyze Lock HomeKit support
  • Wyze Bulb HomeKit support
  • Wyze Doorbell HomeKit support

Are Wyze going to be compatible with Matter?

Wyze has said that their current Wyze devices can't be upgraded to work with Matter. Right now, Matter only works with a few types of devices, and cameras aren't included yet. More devices, like cameras, will be added later. It doesn't make their stuff. They take existing gadgets from Asia and change how they look and work.

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Homebridge was a bit of a workaround, but it only took a few minutes to set up with the Enomek solution, and it worked perfectly. Some Wyze things, like Wyze Cam, Plug, and lock can work directly with HomeKit with this amazing solution.

But for other stuff, you need to do a little extra work by setting up something called a Homebridge server. The easiest way to do this is by using a thing called the Athom Bridge and HOOBS, which you just plug in, and it makes everything work together.

FAQs about Wyze Apple HomeKit

1 Does Wyze work with Apple HomeKit?

No, Wyze doesn’t support Apple HomeKit due to operating system incompatibility. But you can integrate Wyze devices with Apple HomeKit using Enomek Solution.

2 Is Wyze compatible with iPhone?

Yes. Wyze app supports to Android (7.0+) and iOS (14.0+) devices.

3 Which cameras work with Apple HomeKit?

These cameras work with Apple HomeKit:

  • Logitech Circle
  • Eve Outdoor Cam
  • eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24
  • Aqara 2K Security Indoor Camera Hub G3
  • Logitech Circle View Doorbell
  • eufyCam 2C
  • eufy Security Solo IndoorCam C24
  • Eve Cam