Smart / Intelligent Cars - The Next Generation of the Cars

Smart  Intelligent Cars - The Next Generation of the Cars

Smart Cars are not about the brand name "Smart" but the intelligent cars which can be controlled via your voice, via Siri, via Alexa or Google Assistant to do whatever you want. Most of the brand new cars released after 2020s are categorized into this smart car category with the way that they integrate with other smart home devices and accessories.

Let's discuss the key features of a smart car.

  1. Mobile Integration (Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant)
  2. Communicating between vehicles
  3. Autonomous Driving / Driverless Functions

Mobile Integration / Connected Cars

When it comes to mobile integration, the future cars will be always connected to the internet either using the user's mobile device or the car itself. The advantages of this connectivity,

No more explanations to mechanics

And the cars will report the fault codes to the dealer or manufacturer to make the owner's life easy. That simple means we don't want to call mechanics and explain what's wrong with the car. How cool that is?

No need to use your mobile phone while driving

In the current world, the usage of mobile phones while driving are one of the main reasons for accidents. Thank to the features like Apple Carplay and Android Auto, mobile phone display is mirrored to the car and you call or text your loved ones without touching the mobile.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto only allows to use a set of default apps in your car's entertainment screen. If you need to extend the functionality and install any app, you may try NGXplay or Carbridge Tweaks

Hey Siri Turn Air conditioner on, I am nearby

What if your car can instruct your smart coffee maker to serve you a warm latte or cappuccino when you get to home after a long day or turn the air conditioner on and serve you better when you get there, it will definitely be a next level car. So the Smart Home connection will be another aspect to think of an intelligent car.

Also the voice functions to activate the car's features. Just saying turn the ignition on, close the shutters, turn the seat heaters will be enough and car will do those for you.

No more Physical Keys

Thanks to Apple Carkey concept, the key of the car will be stored at your iPhone Wallet and iPhone will be the car key. It communicates with the car via NFC and unlock the car without physical keys.

Communicating between vehicles

Hey Mr. BMW, you are too close to my booty. Don't worry pretty lady, I was just checking your plate number.
Cars communicating between each other - Smart / Intelligent Cars
Cars communicating between each other - Smart / Intelligent Cars

I must say that this is an awesome feature to have in a future car because it can improve the road safety by ensuring no human error has been taken place. We all know that modern cars have features like auto braking and radar braking. And those use the sensors to indicate whenever an obstacle is nearby. But still this is a one way of preventing a collision. What if the car can communicate to the other vehicle and let it know the situation? There is a 200% probability to avoid a collision.

Not only the collisions and safety, this communication between vehicles can be really helpful in number of other situations like sharing digital files between cars or may be shared radio or shared movies between cars will be more helpful when you are on a road trip with your family or friends.

Autonomous Functions

We all expected cars to drive themselves while we rest. And it is actually achieved in 2020 and the intelligent cars will not only be driving automatically but those will perform most of the functions automatically.

At the very first level we had no automatic functions in the cars but all manual functions. After a certain period of time, auto gear, rain sensing wipers, parking guidance, radar brakes, automatic lights, lane keeping assistants and many more functions introduced and we all use the semi auto cars at the moment.

The next step is the fully autonomous car with no steering or brake pedals, but the car drives itself. If you can remember a couple of months back Uber tested a driverless car and that self driving car killed a woman . But that doesn't mean the implementations and researches for the self driving cars are risky. The fully autonomous cars are still in the phase of research and we will be lucky to use and ride those cars in this decade.

Please check the image below to get an understanding about the generations of the autonomous cars

Levels of Autonomous Cars
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You have a basic idea of a autonomous, intelligent or smart car now. Let's see the vendors and car models now.

What are the available Smart/ Intelligent cars?

Almost all the car manufacturing vendors including well known Tesla, BMW, Audi and Benz are in a race to create the world's best smart car. And the exciting news here is the non car manufacturing companies like Apple and Uber are also partnered with some companies to introduce intelligent cars.

Apple is already partnered with Hyundai company to bring Apple Car to the market in 2024 and Tesla, Uber and multiple other vendors are also trying to compete with Apple. Here are the links to the most famous and latest intelligent cars.

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