Install NGX Play in iOS 16

Install Ngxplay

NGXPlay is one of the best available methods to add any third party app on your Apple Carplay Screen with the help of iOS Jailbreaking.

This article covers everything about NGXPlay including,

  1. What is NGXPlay?
  2. How to Install NGXPlay (with / without Jailbreak)
  3. How to use NGX Play?
  4. NGXPlay Alternatives

What is NGXPlay?

NGX play is a popular tweak for the Carplay apps that allows you to customize your Apple Carplay with third-party apps that are not available in the App store. CarPlay is the smartest and safest way to send texts, receive calls, make calls and many more while driving.

But we have some limitations in the default CarPlay. So the tech world has provided a solution for all those who were waiting to have Netflix in CarPlay and also YouTube, Messenger, Facebook, Games, Safari, Slack, Hangouts, Skype, Twitter, Videos, Photos, Instagram and many more in CarPlay

How to Install NGXPlay?

In order to install NGXPlay, you will have to jailbreak your iPhone. So we recommend you to use Carplay Hacks App to install WheelPal App(Paid App by and find out the steps for installing NGXPlay.

You may click the following button to Install Ngxplay /Carbridge via Carplay Hacks App

If you want to download NGXPlay easily, WheelPal is the best way to download that for the latest iOS versions such as iOS 16, iOS 15, iOS 14, and more.

Here are the other ways to install NGXPlay:

For Jailbroken Devices

  • Download iOS 14 NGXPlay - If you are an iOS 14 user, the latest iOS version is iOS 14.8.1 and it can be jailbroken using Checkra1n.
  • Download iOS 15 NGXPlay - If you are an iOS 15 user, the latest iOS version is iOS 15.4.1 and it can be jailbroken using Palera1n.
  • Download iOS 16 NGXPlay - If you are an iOS 16 user, it can be jailbroken using Palera1n as iOS 15. Also, you can download iOS 16 NGXPlay app with jailbreak tool for iOS 16.

Cydia is a famous package manager app among the jailbreak community. It allows you to use any third party app outside the App  store. You can download NGXPlay from Cydia and all you have to do is add sources via Cydia on your home screen. Same applies with Sileo also.

NGXplay  - Cydia Package Manager

Find the step by step guide below for installing NGXPlay using Cydia.

Step 1 - Launch Cydia App and Visit Sources Tab

Step 2 - Here you need to add the Bigboss repo for installing NGXPlay. Go to source edit add insert URL and tap on Done

Step 3 - Wait for the repository to be refreshed and Cydia to respring the device.

Step 4 - Now you can Search for NGXPlay in the search Bar.

Step 5 - Once you find NGXPlay Tap Install on the top right corner. Congrats! Now you have installed NGXPlay on your device.

NGXPlay Installed

For Non Jailbroken Devices

There are no ways to get NGXPlay installed without jailbreaking. But you can try the jailbreak availability notification service at WheelPal App for getting notified.

Try WheelPal Now →

How to use NGX Play?

Once you Install NGXPlay you will find it on the home screen. Configuring NGXPlay is not a tough task and all you need to do is launch NGXPlay and change the settings.


As per the screenshot above, you have to enable NGXPlay from the switch and you can enable the needed apps to be displayed on your Apple CarPlay screen inder the applications.

Once done, you will have to tap on configure and respring for the settings to be applied.

With the iOS 16 update, you might be wondering about the iOS 16 NGXPlay app. Yeah! You can use latest version of iOS 16 NGXPlay with Palera1n for iOS 16.

After that, connect your iPhone to Apple CarPlay enabled car and you will find the apps and it will make your car a Smart Car with all the required apps on it.

NGXPlay Alternatives

There are alternative and new apps than NGXPlay, which does the same as NGXPlay. CarBridge is one of the best alternatives. You may find more information about CarBridge  at this Article.

Attention : It is highly recommended to keep your eyes on the road while driving! And that is the main reason for the apps like YouTube, Netflix are not enabled by default. So please be a responsible driver and drive safe.

FAQ on NGXPlay

Does Netflix works with NGXPlay?

Yes, You will have to have Netflix installed, NGXPlay installed after jailbreaking your device. Open NGXplay and Go to Applications, Make sure Netflix is enabled

What is the latest version of NGXPlay

The latest version of NGXPlay is 1.0 and the Tweak Version is 1.0.11 which is released on 2018 Jun 11

Is NGXPlay Free

Yes, It is completely free and hosted in Cydia's com.eason.carplay Package

Can I download NGXPlay without Jailbreak?

Technically Yes, but it won't work properly without a proper jailbreak. Hence the general answer is No.

Apart from  adding all the favorite apps to CarPlay, there are so many smart features you can add to your car. You can try smart options like Apple CarKey and smart gate openers like MyQ gate opener and there are many other options in our blog and you can find more about myQ Apple CarPlay.