Install NGX play in iOS 14 / iOS 15

NGX play is a popular tweak for the Carplay apps that allows you to customize your Apple Carplay with third-party apps that are not available in the App store.

Install NGX play in iOS 14 / iOS 15

You might know about CarPlay. CarPlay is the smartest and safest way to send texts, receive calls, make calls and many more while driving. But NGXPlay will add more to your CarPlay app.  If you have NGXPlay on your Carplay you can do so much more than that.

What is NGXPlay?

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NGX play is a popular tweak for the Carplay apps that allows you to customize your Apple Carplay  with third party apps that are not available in the App store. You can add Youtube, Netflix, Facebook to Carplay with NGXplay. And also you can use your favorite apps even without touching your phone. But you want to have this app on your Carplay , you have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad before you install it.

How to install NGXPlay?

iOS 14.8 is the latest update that Apple released for iOS 14 range and iOS 15 is the latest update most of the iOS users interested about. You might upgrade your iOS update to the iOS 14 version or you might be jailbroken. You may be looking forward for iOS 15 update in this fall. If you have iOS 13.5 or higher including iOS 14 you can install NGXPlay without any restriction. No worries!

You can jailbreak iOS 14 and higher versions successfully with Checkra1n, Taurine or Unc0ver. If your iPhone or iPad is already jailbroken, NGXPlay is now available for you.

We believe iOS 15 jailbreak will be available soon so the users can install NGX play on iOS 15 without any hassle.

Step guide to install NGXPlay in your iOS 14 / iOS 15

  • Launch Cydia App
  • In Cydia app Go to source> edit> add> insert URL
  • Type NGXPlay on search bar
  • Install NGXPlay in one tap

Congrats! Now you have installed NGXPlay on your device.

NGXPlay with Cydia / Sileo

Cydia is a famous package manager app among the jailbreak community. It allows you to use any third party app outside the App  store. You can download NGXPlay with Cydia and all you have to do is add sources via Cydia on your home screen.

Cydia helps you to customize your iPhone/ iPad with themes, exclusive features, jailbreak apps and tweaks. It also breaks the restrictions and limitations that Apple has imposed on your iDevice. Cydia will give you 100% freedom to customize your device.

There is another way which you can install NGXPlay on your device (excluding the above method)

  1. Using WheelPal

NGXPlay with WheelPal

WheelPal is another third party app which allows you to enable some restricted visual based apps by Apple. You are jailbroken or not! You can use WheelPal on your device.

With the good news of iOS 14 jailbreak solutions, we can rely on WheelPal with iOS 14 now. Then again, the good news is WheelPal supports iOS 15. In other words WheelPal is an NGX play alternative for iOS 15. This app brings you tweaks, repos, tools and instructions and guides to jailbreak your device and get all the desired apps on CarPlay. You can now download NGXplay alternatives with Wheelpal from the below download button.

Have you heard about NGXPlay with no jailbreak Solution?

There’s no any non jailbreak solution for NGXPlay. But you can have alternatives for NGXPlay with CarPlayHacks and InCar.

Read more about NGXPlay and NGXPlay download steps you may refer CarPlayHacks website.

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