How to integrate eWeLink Smart Devices into Apple HomeKit

How to integrate eWeLink Smart Devices into Apple HomeKit

Wondering how to control your eWeLink-supported devices via the Apple Home App and Siri voice control? Excited? There are several ways to do this. Let’s find the possible ways to add eWeLink devices to Apple HomeKit.

Enomek [Editor's pick]

Simply, Enomek is a simple app-based solution. If you want to control your eWeLink-supported smart home devices through the Apple Home App and Siri, Enomek is an awesome solution for you. It allows you to add any smart home device to Apple HomeKit. Also, it provides simple step-by-step guidance.

Step Guide for Enomek App Installation

Why Choose Enomek?

  • Easily connect eWelink-supported devices to Apple HomeKit
  • Overcomes the Hombridge limitations
  • Detailed step-by-step guides
  • Easy installation process
  • Solutions for various Ecosystems and Operating systems
  • One-time investment

Then, let's find an affordable plug-and-play solution to link eWelink to Apple HomeKit.

HOOBS - Plug and Play solution

HOOBS, short for Homebridge Out of the Box. It is a hardware-based solution that makes non-HomeKit devices compatible with HomeKit. It can integrate a wide range of devices with HomeKit and supports over 2000 accessories.

  • Seamlessly integrates with Apple Home
  • Easy setup
  • Affordable solution
  • Best alternative to Homebridge
  • Plug-and-play solution




HomeBridge is a software solution that lets you connect smart devices that wouldn't normally connect to Apple's HomeKit. It's like a computer program built with Node.js. It is easy to connect devices that don't officially work with Apple Home.

Check out how to add eWeLink devices to HomeKit using Homebridge.

Now that you've learned how to integrate your eWeLink smart devices with Apple Home App, if you want to add other types of smart home devices, you can explore our detailed article on How to add any devices to HomeKit.

You can do a lot when eWe Link is integrated into Apple Home. Let's explore some things about eWeLink Home Kit integration.

  • Control and manage eWeLink compatible HomeKit Devices – You can control all of your eWeLink devices from the Home App
  • Automate your eWeLink devices – You can set up automation in various rooms of your house
  • Use Siri for voice control – You can use Siri to control your eWeLink Devices

What devices work with eWelink? eWelink provides a comprehensive list of supported devices for wireless integration and monitoring.

Device category Brands
Plugs Choifoo, Eachen, Elivco, Lonsonho, Sonoff, YETE, Zeoota, Aqara
Switches Eachen, Lonsonho, Sonoff
Lights AllbeAI, Lonsonho, Sonoff, Teopek, Timethinker, IKEA, Hue
Curtains Eachen, Shawader
Power consumption meters Elivco, Lonsonho
Circuit Breakers WDYK
Sensors Sonoff, Aqara, SmartThings, Sengled
Cameras Lonsonho, Sonoff
Alarms Eachen
USB Sonoff
Thermostat KKMOON
RF Eachen, Sonoff
Sockets V-Tac
Others Eachen, Oisentech, Sonoff

Surprise! All these eWeLink-supported smart home devices can be integrated into Apple Home and control them using Apple Home App and Siri. So, let's find out how to link eWeLink to Apple Home Kit.

If you want to know more information about eWeLink HomeKit integration, you can dig further. Let's explore the eWeLink HomeKit-supported ecosystem.

eWeLink support is not only for devices that work with eWeLink but also for many other ecosystems. It breaks brand and device boundaries, so any device connected to eWeLink can work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Yandex Alice, HUAWEI HiLink, and more.

EWeLink Smart Home integration

  • EWeLink Smart Home integration
  • EWeLink Amazon Alexa
  • EWeLink Google Home
  • EWeLink IFTT
  • EWeLink SmartThings
  • EWeLink Philips Hue
  • EWeLink Home Assistant
  • EWeLink Yandex Alice
  • EWeLink Olisto

EWeLink App is a simple app platform that can be used to pair, setup, and manage all your eWeLink support devices. eWeLink App V5.0 supports Matter and brings exciting new features to your smart home.  Also, it provides a cloud-based service for all eWeLink-compatible devices. Let's find out the new features of the eWeLink App HomeKit V5.

  • Updated Android Widgets
  • More convenient device adding entry
  • Home Sharing and Device Sharing
  • Introduce “Insight Tab”
  • EWeLink Matter support
  • Improved Scene

You can control eWeLink-supported smart devices with your iPhone with simple steps hence eWeLink offers support for Siri shortcut.

Ever wondered about a new feature of eWeLink? Check below to learn more about a brand new feature that allows you to create dashboards of your devices and scenes, arm and disarm smart security, and more.

Do you want a stylish dashboard to access, control, and experience your smart home devices? Yes! You can easily control your devices with its intuitive interface.  Simply, it’s a new feature of eWeLink Home Kit. If you want quick access to control eWeLink support devices, this eWeLink CAST is specially for you.

  • Monitor your Home Status
  • Easily control your devices
  • Execute automated actions
  • Get more information with widgets

eWeLink Cube is the heart of your local smart home platform that aims to provide users with a simple plug-and-play IoT device management platform.

You're able to connect your iHost-managed devices (Zigbee devices and other add-on devices) to popular platforms such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung SmartThings with the Matter Bridge feature. This means you can control, monitor, automate, and communicate with a wide range of smart home devices from different brands in one place.

If you’re a technical user, you can add your eWeLink Apple Home devices to Apple Home using the below guide.

If you want to integrate your eWeLink devices with HomeKit, you can use homebridge-ewelink plugin. Let’s find the step-by-step guide to adding eWeLink devices to Apple Home.

  1. Install Homebridge on Mac / PC

    If you haven’t installed Homebridge previously, you need to install Homebridge on your Mac / PC before installing the eWeLink HomeBridge plugin. Check out how to install Homebridge on your device.

    1. Using Homebridge UI
      1. http://homebridge and open the Homebridge UI on your device.
      2. Go to the “Plugin” page, search for "homebridge-ewelink", and click install.
    2. Manually
      1. Open the terminal on your device.
      2. Install the eWeLink plugin as given below:
                                            sudo npm i homebridge-ewelink -g 
  2. Edit the configuration file
    1. Navigate to the directory using the below command: homebridge-ewelink-platform/config
    2. Next, you can simply add this eWeLink plugin to your homebridge config.json using the below command:
                                          "name": "eWeLink",
                                          "username": "your-ewelink-username (either full phone (eg +8613185260282) or email address)",
                                          "password": "your-ewelink-password",
                                          "platform": "eWeLink"
  3. Run the eWeLink Plugin
    1. Navigate to the directory using: cd..
    2. Run the eWeLink Plugin using:
                                  homebridge -D -U ./config/ -P ./
  4. Control devices on HomeKit
    1. Go to the Home App on your Apple device.
    2. Scan the QR code of your Homebridge UI.
    3. Then, you can control your eWeLink devices with HomeKit.

Here is the step-by-step guide for installing your smart devices to HomeKit using HOOBS.

  1. As the first step, you need to obtain HOOBS.
  2. Plug the HOOBS into an outlet.
  3. Connect it to your router.
  4. Select your Wi-Fi network.
  5. Go to http://hoobs.local using your browser.
  6. Create your HOOBS account and open the Home App.
  7. Pair HOOBS with HomeKit by scanning the QR code.
  8. Install eWeLink HOOBS Plugin, Edit HOOBS eWeLink Plugin, Run the plugin (See Homebridge plugin installation steps to install HOOBS eWeLink Plugin).
  9. Finally, add eWeLink devices to Home Kit.

Congratulations! Apple HomeKit and eWeLink are now successfully integrated.


eWeLink-supported devices can be added to the Apple HomeKit using the solutions mentioned above. I recommend going with the Enomek HomeKit enabler as the app solution is easy to use. Also, I recommend HOOBS as an affordable hardware solution.

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1 Does eWeLink work with Apple HomeKit?

eWeLink is not officially compatible with Apple Home. But, you will be able to add eWeLink to HomeKit with the Enomek solution. It provides a detailed step-by-step guide.

2 Is Sonoff HomeKit compatible?

Yes. You can connect your Sonoff Matter Devices to Apple HomeKit now. Don't worry about the Matter-incompatible Sonoff devices! You can connect other eWelink-supported Sonoff devices to Siri using simple software and hardware solutions like Enomek, HOOBS, and Homebridge.

3 Does eWeLink work with Apple?

Some Matter compatible eWeLink supported Sonoff devices work with HomeKit. You can connect other eWeLink-supported devices to Apple using the Enomek solution.

4 Can Siri control eWeLink?

Yes. You can control your devices with Siri with eWeLink 4.3 and new eWeLink 5.0.

5 Does xiaomi work with eWeLink?

Yes, eWeLink works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Yandex Alice, AliGenie, DuerOS, Mi Home.