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  • Turn on the phone’s WiFi and connect to the devices named “smartBox_xxxx”. Enter the password ‘88888888’ and enter the IP address in your Safari; After entering the IP page, you can download the firmware online from your phone; **Normally it takes 3-4 minutes to upgrade the new firmware and the orange/green light will not stop flashing until the upgrade is successful.**
  • ZETEADE Wireless CarPlay Adapter to convert wired CarPlay to WIRELESS that makes your iPhone FREE while driving. It is compatible with Ford/Chevrolet/Hyundai/Silverado/Toyota/Honda/Kia/Nissan/Jeep/RAM/Cadillac/Peugeot/Lincoln/GMC/Mercedes/Volkswagen…etc(Year 2017-2022) . more than 800 models. (This product requires the car to install wired Apple CarPlay before leaving the factory).
  • Wireless automatic connection every time you get in your car. After the initial setup process, you can enjoy automatic connection whenever you get in your car, without having to take your phone out of your pocket, and start driving with wireless CarPlay straight away. Make your car tidy, comfortable and free.
  • Support touch control, original car button, steering wheel, volume control. Make/receive calls, check voicemail, text messages and dial cards. Note: This product does not support Android Auto! Android phones are not supported!
  • Support online update of the product system, experience the latest version. (If you get a product that works well in your car, online upgrade is not recommended because this version of the system is more compatible with your car.)
  • Six months free warranty to guarantee your product performance and user experience. ZETEADE customer service will support you all the way. 
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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1.27 cm


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Dashboard Mount


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