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  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO USE- Shelly Plus Plug US has an embedded webserver, and can function as a standalone device, as an accessory to a home automation controller, or it may be used as another automation system’s component.
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: Compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and virtually all home automation systems. Shelly Plus Plug US It allows you to manage circuits up to 1800 watts. Enhanced safety features include over wattage, over current, over voltage, and over temperature protection. New functions include built-in Wi-Fi extender, micro JavaScript editor for custom features, and TLS 1.2 support for encrypted connections.
  • SAVE MONEY & ENERGY- Shelly Plus Plug US gives you precise consumption information for each electrical appliance plugged in it. Choose the best power mode for your home and save on excess energy without sacrificing your comfort. Pay less for energy and live more comfortably with your Shelly Plus Plug US.
  • MAKE YOUR LIFE SAFE AND EASIER- Shelly Plus Plug US can turn off and on automatically following a daily routine based on your requirements. Control your home appliances anytime, from anywhere. Set On/Off timer for each day of the week, and Shelly Plus Plug US will prepare your home for you
  • FOLLOW THE SUN- Automatically follow the sun and control your appliances accordingly. Set Shelly Plus Plug US to turn devices on/off based on the sunrise and sunset hours
Weight 0.068 kg
Dimensions 8.62 × 0.062 × 4.3 cm


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