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  • PhoneSoap Pro fits the largest of smartphones, and is also guaranteed to fit the largest phone cases and accessories, even compatible with otterbox phone cases.
  • Time saver: PhoneSoap pro kills germs in just 5 minutes – half the time as our standard phone sanitizers. Our 10 years of experience building world-class disinfection devices has led to a faster, more efficient design.
  • Automatic and manual modes: unlike our standard models, PhoneSoap Pro allows you to disinfect your phone automatically when placed inside, or at the touch of a button. Automatic or manual, the choice is yours.
  • More effective than wipes: chemical wipes do a satisfactory job of killing bacteria in general, but they don’t perform as well at killing germs on phones. Uneven surfaces and applications leave germs alive while phonesoap gives you a consistent kill 100% of the time.
Weight 0.91 kg
Dimensions 23.12 × 13.97 × 36.07 cm
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