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  • Local Voice Control : Local voice control means that you donn’t need to connect wifi or connect Alexa, Google Home Assisstant etc, just power on the plug, speak “Tuya Smart”, the plug will be awake, then you speak “Turn on the plug/Turn off the plug”, the plug will turn on/ turn off.That’s so easy and smart for you and your family.
  • Voice Control Start Pairing: Please speak “tuya smart” to wake up the plug, then speak “start pairing”, the plug will enter into distribution network mode, blue light flash. Open the bluetooth in your phone, open Tuya App to choose “Auto Scan”, you will found the device and then add it. control it after connect successfully.
  • Voice Control: The smart plug compatible with Alexa and Google Home too, control your home appliances with the smart plug by simply voice commands to Alexa or Google Home. No Hub Required, the smart plug works with 2.4G Wi-Fi router only, without a separate hub or paid subscription service.
  • Remote Control: Scan the “Tuya Smart” QR code in the attached user manual, or search “Tuya Smart” in your App store, download it and add the plug then control it whenever you are in office or in travel. Only support 2.4GHz wifi.
  • Schedule timer, Goup control and Device Sharing: Create schedule to turn on /off at specific time. you can rename all the device and control them in a group. BTW, you can share the plug to your family.
Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 6.41 × 5.59 × 5.5 cm


Mounting Type

Plug-In Mount

Controller Type

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Control Method

App, Remote, Voice

Connectivity Protocol


Unit Count

1.0 Count


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