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  • Enhanced Function: With this wireless CarPlay adapter you are going to have a more connected experience. Equipped with a 5GHz module, our wireless dongle will help you to have a better and faster experience. The USB Bluetooth adapter for car stereo comes with one USB type C and one USB to USB extension for better connection and convenience.
  • Quick Connection: Plug the CarPlay adapter into the USB port of your car and establish a fast and automatic connection. Before connecting the CarPlay dongle, make sure that your iPhone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings are turned on and all other devices in your car or around you are off. Go to the ‘Bluetooth’ setting of your phone and click on the name CarPlayBox to connect.
  • Wide Compatibility: The CarPlay wireless dongle is compatible with iPhone 6 and later models with the iOS 10 software or above. Go through the available list of the compatible and check if this wireless Bluetooth for car is suitable for your device or not. It is compatible with more than 600 vehicle models, giving you a wide opportunity for connectivity. Please look at our product images for the full compatibility list of car models.
  • Multiple Function: Our wireless CarPlay adapter can be connected to the steering wheel control, SIRI voice control, OEM knob touch as well as original car touch. You can easily control the various functions with this CarPlay dongle like accessing Siri, getting navigation, playback music volume control, skipping a track, volume control, and much more.
  • Online Update: After connecting your wireless CarPlay dongle with your phone, scan the QR code given in the manual for the latest software update. If you have any problem connecting the Bluetooth device through the QR code, you can also enter the interface code manually for connection. Enjoy your stereo system win a new way with this Bluetooth CarPlay dongle and take your experience to another level.
  • Customer Support out of Houston, Texas: If you encounter any problems we have a support team here in the USA in our Houston Office ready to help you with your AutoSky Wireless CarPlay Adapter!
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