We love Android Rooting because it is popular, user friendly and It gives us numerous benefits. Its ability to modify the device’s software will let the devices to perform with another level it did perform so far. In order to gain the best and void the negative impacts of Rooting, major facts that impact the devices need to be understood. In this post, we’re going to talk about Android Root Apps.

Kodmy has developed a list of interesting Android Root Apps and some other features as mentioned below. These apps and features have the ability to drive your experiences with Android devices different level after Rooting.


Rooting allows you to install Android Root Apps that optimize differently. Greenify identifies the most power consuming apps & avoids their negative impacts on the battery by Hibernation. Greenify is a free app that will give you a better experience by saving 2 -4 hours of battery life. You can find two versions of Greenify, Paid version (With add-on features) and free version (With core features only).

Healthy battery always keeps devices performance in a higher standard and Rooting and Greenify keep the battery healthy. Greenify is an app, you can use on both rooted and non rooted Android devices. But effectiveness on non rooted devices will be less compared to rooted devices. 

Custom ROM

Customized ROM always gives you a unique and improved experience. For that, Customized ROM have different and various looks, speed enhancements and many more extra features. Rapid update of customized ROM to the latest Android version is the reason for this pleasing experience. That is the reason Customized ROM to recognized as the most interesting and best benefit of Android Rooting. Lingage OS, Paranoid and MIUI are few customized ROMs.

More Powerful Apps

There are certain features that are preferred, may not consider as compulsory to your device. For a better gaming experience, PlayStation controller in your device is the best feature. Setting rules for callers, deciding who can call you and block specific callers. There are certain apps, may be blocked or not available to your country. In order to download these apps, you can use a Market Enabler App and it will trick both your device and website to think it is from a different country or a region. Due to ARP, DOS and MITM attacks, people get nervous when they connect with public WI-FI networks. WI-FI Protector is the best solution given by Android Rooting. Because of these super exciting performances, these apps have become users’ favorite features.


Certain tasks like Turning off the screen or GPS, switching between networks were done by manual changes. Tasker is an automation device. It is recognized as the best automated Root App for Android devices. If your device is Rooted, Tasker will take over the control of the above tasks. Though it is an awesome app Rooting is not a must factor to use Tasker. To gain the best of Tasker needs Rooting. 

Tasker is an app that makes everyday life a lot easier, but for this, you have to pay.

WiFi Tethering

Connecting a mobile phone to a laptop via USB cable is tethering. Tethering will allow sharing internet connection with another device, sometimes with multiple devices. To avoid getting divert from the regular data plan because of tethering some carriers would prefer to block or remove the tethering from their devices. Your device will turn in to a mobile hot spot accordingly. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are few other media that does tethering.

Wi-Fi tethering is also one of the most popular and most secure Android App. Also, you don’t need to pay for this app. In order to turn on WiFi-tethering user has to follow a simple process with more speed. Compatibility with certain brands and WiFi-tethering is considerably tricky

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is the most popular backup app. It has the ability to back up the apps in the device and also the information stored in those apps. Most of the apps backup your device from the surface level. Rooting has taken Titanium Backup to this extreme level. Become the helping hand in organizing and culling the bloatware, acting as the best security blanket if you make a mess with your device. 

Though it is not the most user friendly app, it has many pros. Titanium Backup also has the ability to schedule rules over data, which data, when to backup. It has an add-on feature, which removes bloatware. 

Overclocking and Underclocking

If your device is getting laggy, Rooting gives you extra power to speed up the device. To improve the performance level there are a number of steps that could be taken. Overclocking makes your device perform better after Rooting. Even though it gives proper speed and smooth underclocking has taken over its popularity. Underclocking the processor will give the device the ability for better performance, at the same time it gives power saving benefits and gives a better battery life.

Magisk and Exposed Modules

Magisk and Exposed Modules, they are the most convenient modules you could use while customizing your device. Because of the superior experience given by these tools in customization, they have become favorites of Android users with Ease in installation and application. As many more apps, this is also a free app.

It has the ability to modify the system without doing any changes to its partitions. Even though the device is Rooted, it masks the device as unRooted. The only disappointment is it works only with few Android versions.

System App Remover

Bloatware apps you could find in the Android device, most of them are still annoying. It causes battery draining, space wasting, etc. The major reason is, the disabled uninstalling function, it is added by the manufacturer. To remove these irritating and troublesome bloatware apps System App Remover becomes the helping hand. System app remover also has two versions, they are Free and Premium.

It is a harmless app and it removes system apps safely. If you use this with an unpopular device, issues will occur on compatibility.

Extreme Customization

Android is the most customizable mobile OS so far. Rooting is the factor that brings the new heights of customization. Eg: Ability to change up the boot logo, installing a custom system font, redesign the lock bar buttons, using a different lock screen and more indeed. For an excellent and unbeatable experience, the best way is custom ROM. 

Rooting can give access to many hidden features in your Android device. It is an experience that is beyond what you always expect. Android users love it insanely because they never knew the device was capable of certain activities and now it has started to surprise the user.

Android Root Apps, the best thing about these are, most of them have both free and premium versions. 

Rooting will level up performances of the Android devices and gives an exciting but pleasing experience for the users.