Lucky patcher is an attractive place to roam where many interesting things happen. A must visit tool for all Android users who are in love with movies, games, and many other technologies. Among all of these interesting categories, this article is about some enticing games for all android users. Find Temple Run, PUBG and many more from Lucky patcher today.

Let’s hop on to Lucky Patcher Games List 2020.

Lucky Patcher games 2020
Lucky Patcher Games List

1) Temple Run 2

Lucky Patcher for android
Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an enhanced update of Temple Run. This is compatible with both Android and iOS. The main theme of this game bound around a character who is stealing the treasure in an adventurous way while the monsters and obstacles on his running path disturb him of having them. The user controls this character to achieve the treasure while collecting coins during the course of running. These coins can be used for various purposes such as gaining special powers to character itself and etc.

Custom Patch features in Temple Run

Unlimited coins and diamonds,
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2) My Talking Tom

Lucky Patcher for android
My Talking Tom

This is a virtual petting app designed for the whole family to enjoy without age restrictions. Here you can adopt Tom and feed him, collect clothes and new furniture for his house, make him happy, laugh and even take him to the toilet.He repeats everything in a funny voice. Apart from these, there are many more features available in this game like mini games and custom appearances.

Custom Patch features in My Talking Tom

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3) Candy Crush Saga

Lucky Patcher for android
Candy Crush Saga

This is a puzzle game in which the player can switch and match candies in a tasty puzzle environment. The player can be rewarded for quick thinking and smart moves. You can also play alone and with another friend and enjoy competing with him or her to get to the top of the leaderboard. This is one of the most played games with having more than 500 million downloads.

Custom Patch features in Candy Crush Saga

Get unlimited Lollipops, Free Switches, Boosters,Moonstruck,
Bomb’s Timer. Owl does never falls
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4) Bloons TD Battles

Lucky Patcher for android
Bloons TD Battles

This is a head to head strategy game in which a monkey can battle with another monkey. This is especially designed for multiplayer combat. Here you have 27 custom battles, 22 monkey towers, 16 cool achievements and upgrades.

Custom Patch features in Bloons TD Battles

Unlimited coins, unlimited lives, shopping,
Unlocked versions of difficult levels
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Lucky Patcher for android

This is a game themed on battlegrounds. This is compatible with both Android and iOS. There are basically three modes. Solo, duo and squad. The game starts with a parachute landing down to the game island. In the course of battling to the end of the winning of the game you can gather weapons, clothes and medical supplies etc.

Custom Patch features in Bloons TD Battles

0% recoil, anti ban, no time limit, Unlimited UC

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All in all, Lucky patcher custom patches give you an enjoyable experience to all the Android smartphone users while providing unique customizations. Further what makes lucky patcher more interesting is, that you can remove the applied custom patches if you found out later that you’d better play the default.