Install CarBridge for your iOS 14

CarBridge brings you the whole iPhone experience to your car without limitation. And also CarBridge is the best alternative for NGXPlay.

Install CarBridge for your iOS 14

CarBridge is an awesome app that lets you use any iOS application on your CarPlay supported touchscreen head unit through iPhone . Being stuck with limited selection of Carplay is no longer a problem with CarBridge. It brings you the whole iPhone experience to your car without limitation. And also CarBridge is the best alternative for NGXPlay.

CarBridge brings you a few exciting features to you. It allows you to use 2 apps which means one on your phone and another one for the car. And also you can hide any CarPlay icon and customize your CarPlay.

CarBridge on CarPlay
CarBridge on CarPlay

From this article, we reveal How to install CarBridge for your iOS 14 device. iOS 14 was launched by Apple in 2020 and they tend to release the new iOS 15 in this fall. Before you install CarBridge on your iPhone or iPad you need to complete the jailbreak procedure on your device. Checkra1n, unc0ver and Taurine are giving you the best jailbreak tools for iOS 14 to iOS 14.5 devices.

You can install CarBridge on your device in two ways

  1. Donating to CarBridge
  2. Via Launching Cydia    

If you are not assuming to install Cydia on your device, Simply you can donate a few dollars to the CarBridge app and take the availability of direct downloading to your device.  

Is it possible to install CarBridge without jailbreaking?

As already mentioned about the CarBridge app, CarBridge is a tweak which only you can use after jailbreaking. But there’s an easy way to install CarBridge alternatives on your device.

Wheelpal comes with a pack of benefits not only as a jailbreak solution or Cydia alternative. It brings you, your favorite tweaks,on your car play. Everything is lined up in Wheelpal app all you need to do is download it from the below QR code or link. No more worries about your Apple warranty. It's 100% safe now.

Please use Safari Browser for installing WheelPal

wheelpal qr code

Scan the QR code from your iDevice to get WheelPal App

If you are not wishing to Jailbreak,  the best solution for you to use CarBridge alternatives such as InCar on your device. You may find InCar Android app from the Google Play Store.

Download InCar Android app

InCar iOS app download

Then again, if anyone is worrying about the carplay availability for your vehicle, you may check this availability by an Android app called CarPlay compatibility checker.

Download CarPlay Compatibility Checker

How to Install CarBridge with Cydia

  1. Install Cydia on your device. (you may find correct jailbreak tool for this from Wheelpal)
  2. Install Rocketbootstrap, Applist or Filza via Cydia
  3. Navigate Perferenceloader  in source tab
  4. Use Filza to Install the leftyfl1p.deb file

    Congrats! Now you have freedom to use any app on CarPlay. There are more things you can do with InCar and Wheelpal  other than the said CarBridge alternative.

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