Lucky patcher has already captured Android users’ minds with its unique app modifying features. Lucky patcher tool helps the android user to patch apps and modify games on the device. But what you should keep in mind is that this app comes as one the third-party apps. Hence, there might be times that the app doesn’t work due to its nature. And it is quite normal. However, under such circumstances, you should know how to fix the problem if you need to continue experiencing its features and benefits.

Lucky patcher not working
Lucky Patcher not working – fixed

The most common Lucky Patcher not working issue

When you experience this lucky patcher not working issue, you will not be able to remove ads, bypass verification, and get other feature benefits. But once it is fixed, you will get full access to lucky patcher features again. In most cases, you experience this issue while you are trying to remove the in-app purchases. As a result, you will end up having a “lucky patcher failed to work” or “lucky patcher not working” message quite often on your screen when you are trying to remove or delete in-app purchases.

How to fix lucky patcher not working issue

Step 1
You have to select any app you want to remove in-app purchase from
Step 2
Once you clicked on it, you will find a drop menu, select “open menu of patches” there

Step 3
In the next appearing menu, select “Create Modified apk file” option

Step 4
Then again, you will find another window. Click on “Select patch for in–app” there. And LVL Emulation

Step 5
Now you have to reboot your device and relaunch Lucky patcher app

Step 6
That’s it. You will find the finely working lucky patcher app now.

What to do if the not working issue still persists

lucky patcher not working issue
Lucky Patcher not working issue

Well, the problem may still persist in rare cases. Under such circumstances, you need to try out multiple methods or approaches in order to have it fixed. Below are the multiple actions or approaches you can take.

  1. Use the latest lucky patcher version – Check the lucky patcher version you have installed since the older versions trouble you most of the time. So make sure you have downloaded the latest lucky patcher version.
  2. Try removing updates – Among some of the rate cases, we have noticed that removing updates work as it brings the lucky patcher app to the normal state
  3. Try reinstalling a new/different mod apk – Uninstall the installed mod apk and try installing a fresh lucky patcher mod apk.
  4. Change the date and time – This is one of the oldest methods that have been used to fix these kinds of problems. But it should never be underestimated. Because, we have noticed that in rare cases, this method works well.

Note: if the app is not supported to lucky patcher (very rare. But may happen) you will not be able to use lucky patcher in order to patch that particular app or game.

So this is how to fix the issue “Lucky Patcher not working” and hope you’d find the article useful for your quest.